Welcome to Art2Do

This has been an ongoing project of mine for years.

As an artist, when I first came online, I presented my own art for sale on Ebay & Etsy.

When it came to offering limited prints, I went to local printer shops and later to online shops including Vistaprints.

As my need arose for more art products to use for my art, I joined POD Sites                       [Print on Demand Sites} including Fine Art America, Imagekind, CafePress, Zazzle, Society6, ArtWanted and a few more.

The PODs were helpful for my direct orders, ones I was ordering to come to myself but they too are limited in what they sell. They have so many members that getting sales through them is rare. I have to promote /advertise my own art but they will profit by it.

When I wanted to sell my prints, I opened shops in each of the popular PODs ‘online stores’ , some charged monthly fees and some didnt, but later found that their prices remained high and the royalties [my share] remained low. If I wanted 40% of a sale it  the items wouldn’t sell as they would raise the price 40% always certain they got the larger part of the sale.

Then they hold the royalties til you accrue so many sales in their pockets. I am still waiting 6 years for Imagekind to pay me what they owe me~! Some of my POD sales may never pay me as they place minimum payouts and your items might have to sell over $1000 before you see a cent.

Accountability was a problem too since they could be selling many and just never say anything – like ArtWanted did once to me ~! My brother wanted to surprise me so he bought $200 worth of prints from ArtWanted.

ArtWanted didnt know this customer was related to me, since my married name is different. Then a month later my brother  asked me about my sales and I said I made none. Then he sent me receipts showing he bought some~!

I was floored~! Immediately I  contacted ArtWanted and they denied I  had any sales.

I then sent them a copy of my brother’s receipt from them along with a letter that I was about to report them to the US Attorney General, so they promptly refunded my brother his money.

So next I bought my own printers and offered my members discounted printing, but it proved too costly for me with the ink and stock.Sales were less frequent so my ink would dry out before the next sale always necessitating new cartridges. Some blank stocks cost as much as $10 a sheet and an error in printing would be very costly, as sometimes one of my inks [usually yellow] would fail 1/2 way through the print.

Finally I found the solution – a drop shipping manufacturing group that sells to auction drop shippers. They manufacture for the wholesalers who manufacture for the distributors and retail firms.

This meant I could cut out all of the middlemen and save myself [and everyone else] a lot of money.

Just use my links & you can save yourself a lot of money on printing and creating your own custom gifts and home decor to match your home the way you want~!
As artists you can virtually create your item, copy the picture, post it to your own blog or facebook along with the price you want to sell it for and when someone buys it and pays YOU then you simpley come to my site and order the item and ship directly to your customer or yourself as you choose. It puts the power and money in your hands first~! You make the profit you are supposed to make for your work. 
No more waiting for measly royalties.

Since I own Art2Do website and edited it to accommodate anyone, it might look a bit hodgepodge~[because I am not a computer nerd]~ yet,  I built the site using modules, flash, java & html model tools that took a lot of time, trial and error.

The important part is the links to be able to lead you to where you can create whatever you want and when you see the ‘virtual picture ‘ of your creation, if you want to buy it -fine- go ahead – you are linked into the manufacturer’s system [under my account] and can order your item ‘below wholesale prices’ ~ or show  and share your link for others to buy!

I don’t profit from your purchase of your own items. That is for you~! I profit from  my own art and being able to print it here just like you ~!

I do get a small ‘credit’ for the sale,[sometimes ten cents sometimes zero but occasionally fifty cents to a dollar depending on the order]  that shows under my account and then discounts my own personal orders.

I use the exact same links to make my own art items.

Its fun and easy. Items are great quality. Manufacturing is fast as well as shipping is low.

I hope you like my art2do.



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